Roko purchases gold (Au), platinum (Pt), silver (Ag) and palladium (Pd) scrap from the aerospace, chemical and medical industries. We source materials worldwide.

Precious metals we recover from aerospace and industrial scrap

  • Gold (Au)
  • Platinum (Pt)
  • Palladium (Pd)
  • Silver (Ag)

Material types we purchase for precious metals recovery

  • Stators
  • Fuel Nozzles
  • Fuel Manifolds
  • Tobi Ducts
  • Turbine Vanes
  • Turbine Blades
  • After Burner Liners
  • Heat Exchangers
  • X-Ray Film
  • Sludges

 Additional points

  • Roko purchases precious metal scrap from every corner of the globe. We close deals quickly and in person.
  • We pay the highest prices in the industry for precious metal scrap and even purchase material outright with payment at the time of the sale.
  • For precious metal material types we are unfamiliar with we will run an assay on a small sample and then offer an outright purchase price or a refining schedule.
  • Roko will also arrange all logistics involved from getting the material from your location to ours.


To speak with our purchasing department please contact:
Purchasing Manager
Tel:  +1.251.621.5444
Fax: +1.251.621.5445
Click Here To Email Purchasing Manager

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